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Caraval (Stephanie Garber) 7

By Paola Since I went on a rant here I thought it would just be a good idea to make this its own post, instead of having a super long post with 3 chapters. So we open up with Scarlett... Continue Reading →


Caraval (Stephanie Garber) 3-6

By Paola Spoiler Warning for both Caraval and the Six of Crows duology here! We start with the story of Del Ojos Beach, where Scarlett has set up this meeting, and how Scarlett was told as a kid that it... Continue Reading →

Caraval (Stephanie Garber): 1-3

By Paola In the grand tradition of my icons Snarktheater and Readingwithavengence, this is the start of a book snark! For those not in the know, this is where I come to make fun of critique books in a more... Continue Reading →

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